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Learning about how the animals are raised...

How can we learn more about how the animals are raised? Diet for organic vs natural lines? And specifically are they pasture raised or feedlot style raised? Thanks
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    Pete thank you for your question.Animal welfare is a top priority at Applegate, and we have developed our own animal welfare standards, which correspond to the “Humanely Raised” statement on our packaging. The standards we’ve developed for pork, beef, and poultry have strict requirements that are verified through third party audits and also by internal welfare specialists at Applegate.

    Our standards ensure that the meat and poultry used in our products come from animals that are humanely raised on family farms in an environment that allows them to move about freely and exhibit natural behaviors, such as rooting and pecking. Animals are also fed an all vegetarian grain or grass diet without antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Our humane slaughter practices follow the guidelines set forth by Dr. Temple Grandin, a world renowned authority on humane animal husbandry.

    You can view video of some of our farms on our YouTube channel.

    As the videos demonstrate, it's important to note that our animal are not confined to a tight space. The standards listed here are representative of the animal's allocation of open space (barn, pasture, etc)

    Our animal space requirements are as follows;

    Hens - 2 sq/ft/bird
    Toms - 2.8 - 3.1 sq/ft/bird

    1.17 - 1.27 sq/ft/bird

    Up to 10/sq/ft/hog (space scales up proportionally as animal grows)

    Australian & Uruguay Cattle - 5 to 20 acres/steer
    Domestic Beef - follows the GAP standard,

    In terms of of what our diet is for our livestock here you go:

    Natural Pork - Corn, soy, vitamins and minerals
    Natural Chicken - Corn, soy, vitamins and minerals
    Natural Turkey - Corn, soy, vitamins and minerals
    Natural Beef - Grass, Grain (for example, barley, wheat, oats or corn) and silage (such as chopped hay, straw or chopped corn plant)

    Organic Pork - Organic corn, organic soy, vitamins and minerals
    Organic Chicken - Organic corn, organic soy, vitamins and minerals
    Organic Turkey - Organic corn, organic soy, vitamins and minerals
    Organic Beef - 100% Grass-Fed, grass only

    The requirements of the National Organic Program state that our livestock must be fed 100% Certified Organic feed that is free of genetically modified materials (GMOs).

    The Non-GMO grain is limited so unfortunately we cannot guarantee it in the Natural product.

    Most of our cattle are 100% grass-fed, but those in the Natural program might be finished with grain are fed grain that has been grown in the United States.
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