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What type of Casings do you use for your hotdogs? Do you use pork intestines?
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    Loretta, would it shock you to learn that most of our hot dogs are completely nude?

    Only our Big Apple Dog is made with a lamb casing. And out pork dinner sausages are in a pork casing.

    All of our other hot dogs are made without casings. Poultry dinner sausages and cocktail franks are also casingless.
    How do you make them with no casings you say?

    The meat is stuffed into cellulose casings and cooked. The casings are then removed prior to packaging. Cellulose used with our products is not animal derived. It is made from cotton fibers or wood pulp. They are free of allergens, PVC and BPA.

    (Remember the saying about not watching sausage get made? We believe in full disclosure on that topic, check out our YouTube to see how our sausages and hot dogs are made.)

    Some people talk about a “bite” in our hot dogs, still no casing. You get a bite because the proteins in the meat rise to the surface during cooking! Cool huh?!
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